22nd blog – Final Project (Munny_Blender) By Lilian Lao (SA518297)

December 20, 2008


munny unwraped


a wood like munny with a fake tie and collar, fire on his head, thunder on his ears, tattoo on his hands


the box design with fire decoration


munny with the box <—- Special Edition!


21st blog – Play your House with Tangram

November 28, 2008

A little bit dull about your house? Want to have a change?

Now you can use your imagination combined with creative home design. The following shows different transformations of shelves built with different patterns of tangrams. Just move those seven pieces with your creativity, you will sure to get a new shelf again!






source: http://www.lago.it/en/design/products/tangram.html

If you are interested, you can go to this site to see others’ home design, e.g. air bed, beam bed and huggy chair, etc.

20th blog – online painting canvas

November 19, 2008

Surfing the Net just now and I discovered an interesting place for me to take a break from whole day work and relax or vent. This is an online painting canvas that you can paint or spill colours on while at the same time you can upload your artwork to its gallery and view other people’s paintings:http://artpad.art.com/artpad/painter/


My painting:


Others’ painting that I like:




If you are interested, go and try it and have FUN~

19th blog – Sandro’s works (part2)

November 18, 2008


St. George the Dragon Slayer

Not only is this a portrait of St. George, when you look at his face, you can see the scene where he is fighting the dragon. Nice to know: the picture is recursive. The face of St. George on his horse is again a picture of the fight.


Secret between Fall Leaves

There is a naked woman hidden between the leaves. Did you see her? She lies just in the middle!


Message of Love from the Dolphins

How old are you? If you are young and innocent, you will probably see a group of playing dolphins. But if you’re older and have a bit more “experience”, you’ll see two naked people. Go ahead, ask a kid what it sees here. ^ ^

> Sandro Del-Prete strives to create works of the utmost detail and realism. In achieving his goal he has created artworks in which the borders between reality and imagination blur and have no definite outlines.

18th blog – Sandro’s works (part1)

November 16, 2008


Gesture of a Ballerina

There are three remarkable things in this picture. At the left you can see a drawn hand that’s holding the page on which it’s drawn. At first sight, there is also a hand on the right, but when you look carefully, it’s a ballerina. And finally, the legs of the ballerina are behind the page so she is ‘wearing’ the page as a skirt.



If you look carefully at the face of Einstein, you will see three nude Graces.


Spirit of the Woods

Is this a picture of a bearded man’s face?
Or a landscape in the woods?


Bath Towel

At first it seems the woman is hanging her laundry naked. But you can see in the reflection of the window that she’s dressed. And when you look closer, the towel actually just has dolphins printed on it.

> In developing his style, Sandro del Prete coined the term “Illusorism”, this means the process of representing optical delusions when drawing pictures. These optical delusions are actually illusions in the broadest sense of the word. The illusory effect of Illusorisms is based on intentionally misleading the viewer – as is the case with illusionists (magicians). However, it is founded on a completely different principle. The deliberate presentation of an “erroneous” perspective on certain plays of light and shadow, the interpretation of which is open to various explanations and can be used to create such Illusorisms.

17th blog – Manipulation revised

November 15, 2008

Previous one


The revised one after Professor Hodges’ advise


Improved?? I think it works as the baby is more like ‘on’ the shirt!

> change the CURVES

> FLATTEN the image


16th blog – Image Manipulation

November 14, 2008


First Try: Placing a baby on the man’s shirt and he’s looked like drinking the Perrier Beer.

*baby pic obtained from Google

cheerful little baby in white robe  with hand in mouth



Second Try: Recently Barack Obama is very popular because of the USA’s 2008 presidential election. He won the election and brings a great Obama fever heat all over the world. So I am also moved to promote him and his logo here!

Obama and his logo obtained from Google



15th blog – In-class exercise (trial)

November 13, 2008













14th blog – Life in the Rose

November 13, 2008


Can you see what’s in the rose??

Look closely to the center of the rose and you will see a couple kissing. Also pay attention to the wooden frame around the picture. It’s impossible to construct!

Meaning behind: The leaves of the rose can be perceived as an embracing couple.

A Swiss artist Sandro Del Prete (a Man who lives for Illusions) is a master at creating impossible and ambiguous scenes.

Sandro said:

  • “Everything that we see, can be seen in another way. Therefore, I ask myself; isn’t everything that we see an illusion anyway?” Sandro Del Prete’s thoughts on the human way of looking at things form the mental starting point and the driving force for his artistic activity. Only when Del Prete, who was born in Bern, had completed his commercial schooling at his father’s bidding and had saved enough, he could finally dedicate himself to his great passion. “

In the following days, I will post other Sandro’s famous illusion artworks here. They’ re all very amazing!

13th blog – Adventures with form in space

November 9, 2008

In Nike Savvas’ huge room installation a shimmering (閃光) haze of vibrating coloured balls suggests the very atoms that are the fundamental structural units of all things. This mesmerizing (迷住) work has an extraordinary optical effect as it oscillates (游移不定) within the gallery space, suggestive of a haze of colour over a hot landscape or an abstract painting that has exploded in the exhibition.

This is an exhibition which features the innovative ways in which contemporary artists uses form, color and space. Thousands of suspended polystyrene (聚苯乙烯) balls are held in place by a nylon wire that runs across the room in a grid.

Occasionally a set of industrial fans blow across the room and puts the the whole spectrum into a wobbling (搖晃) craziness that eventually settles down into one coherent bobbing in time.